Freqently Asked Quesions

  1. What is HopkinsLocal?

    HopkinsLocal is a commitment by Johns Hopkins University and Health System to leverage its role as the largest private anchor institution and employer in Baltimore to create lasting economic opportunities in the city. While Johns Hopkins has a long standing relationship with the City and commitment to economic inclusion, it was following the death of Freddie Gray, the ensuing unrest and hearing from the institutions' internal and external communities that the program's development accelerated with the launch of HopkinsLocal in September, 2015. The initial HopkinsLocal goals (HopkinsLocal 1.0) concluded on June 30, 2018 at the close of the 2018 fiscal year. The accountable leaders are developing new goals for HopkinsLocal to run from FY20 - 23 (called HopkinsLocal 2.0) beginning on July 1, HopkinsLocal produced important results, including increased hiring and purchasing within Baltimore City; helping to improve the economic circumstances of thousands directly and indirectly. Hopkins has also taken on a leadership role for two complementary economic development/inclusion initiatives: BLocal and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. HopkinsLocal has garnered local, national and international recognition as a premier economic inclusion program.
  2. What is The Idea Lab? How does it work?

    The Idea Lab is the home for crowdsourcing initiatives at Johns Hopkins University. In the Lab, you can propose 'ideas," related to specific challenges, and comment on the ideas that have been submitted. Some challenges, such as the annual Ten by Twenty Challenge, involve providing funding to a winning idea. Others, such as the HopkinsLocal Challenge, focus on the collection of ideas and information that the university can consider in its future endeavors.
  3. How do I enter the site?

    Everyone enters the site by registering their email address and preferred language. You will then have to develop a password after you receive a confirmation email with a 6-digit pin number. The last step of registration you will be asked for a preferred name.
  4. I'm an APL staff member; can I login to The Idea Lab with my APL ID?

    The Idea Lab can only be accessed by registering using a valid email address.
  5. I'd like to submit an idea. What should I do?

    To submit your idea, login to The Idea Lab, select the challenge you're interested in, then select the 'Submit an Idea' button. Please fill out the form in one session, unfortunately you are not able to save a draft and come back later to finish it. Submit your idea early for greater opportunities to generate online discussion!
  6. How much information should I provide in my idea?

    Include enough detail so that others can understand and assess the merits of your idea. Create a title that gets to the heart of your idea and doesn't contain technical jargon others outside your domain won't easily understand. Provide answers to any required proposal fields.
  7. Can I submit any idea?

    Please consider the rules for the challenge you are entering when submitting your ideas. Visit The Idea Lab Rules for more details. The Idea Lab reserves the right to remove or deny an idea at any time if it is deemed inappropriate for the challenge.
  8. Can I submit or propose more than one idea?

    There is no limit to the number of ideas you can submit.
  9. I proposed an idea and then I saw someone else proposed something very similar. What should I do?

    The moderator will group similar ideas to help avoid duplication.
  10. Can I propose an idea, or comment on an idea anonymously?

    When you create your account, you have the opportunity to hide your identity.
  11. What happens if the challenge moderator concludes that my idea is ineligible for the challenge?

    You will have the option of revising or withdrawing your idea.
  12. What is the selection committee and who is on it?

    The selection committee is a group of individuals from the Johns Hopkins Community convened to review submitted ideas, HopkinsLocal leaders in the areas of BUILD, HIRE and BUY sit on the committee.
  13. Will my idea show up on The Idea Lab immediately after I submit it?

    Your idea will be sent to the challenge moderator, who will review the idea to determine that it meets the rules and guidelines for The Idea Lab, the challenge, and the university, and that the idea otherwise is suitable for the challenge. The challenge moderator may reach out to you to obtain additional information. Once the challenge moderator approves the idea – and your idea will be moved to ideate, you will be contacted, and your idea will show on The Idea Lab site and be available for commenting by the community. Ideas will be reviewed within 48 hours.
  14. If I change my mind, can I delete my idea after I submit it?

    You can contact the challenge moderator at and request that your idea be removed from the community.
  15. Am I able to edit my idea after I submit it?

    Yes, you can edit your idea after submission, but please notify the Idea Lab of any major changes.
  16. Do I own my idea once I post in on The Idea Lab?

    Please see the Johns Hopkins University Intellectual Property Policy to determine the intellectual property rules that apply. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
  17. Can I turn off/unsubscribe from email notifications coming from The Idea Lab?

    Yes, users can control and unsubscribe from email notifications by doing the following: 1) Login to The Idea Lab, 2) select your name from the top right corner, then select Notifications from the drop down, 3) then edit the notification preferences, and click save.

JHED FAQs for APL Staff

How do I obtain my JHED account information?

APL staff has the ability to lookup their own JHED ID by going to portal. On the top right search field enter last name to locate your personal record. If there are multiple similar names listed look for the APL campus listing.

You may see something similar to below which displays your JHED ID. Sometimes, your name may not be listed and you will need to contact the JH University Help Desk at (410) 955-HELP to obtain you JHED ID and logon password. You will need to provide the University Help Desk with your APL employee number which can be found on the back of your badge.

Once you obtain your JHED ID you can obtain your password from the First Time User link.

If you know your JHED ID but forgot your password you can reset it from the Forgot Your Password link.